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Shoe bag leather
The operation of jinde intelligent single cutting bed is very flexible and diverse, which can realize the operation of multiple procedures combining into one according to various materials.Such as cutting, marking, punching, drawing, and even personalized cutting all at once.It reduces the cumbersome operation, no knife die and paper pattern, and frees up your freedom of design. It is an excellent automatic cutting scheme customized for packaging materials, shoes, clothing, bags and handbags, furniture, automobile interior decoration, airline seats, lamps and lanterns, paper industry and other industries. Our advantages: 1. Regular/irregular leather can be arranged automatically; 2.2. The projected mesh line is not deformed, and the precision is higher.4. Compatible with the strongest file formats,AAMA, clothing and shoe samples, DXF, TIIP, ASTM, CUT, ISO, PLT and Hpgl;
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