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Package & Box Cutting Machine JD-AS-P-C Series
Packaging and Printing
Electrical oscillating knife cutting head, strong strength, high vibration frequency, up to 25,000 times per minute; The whole machine adopts the high precision module of the first level transmission mechanism, the response speed is faster, the positioning accuracy is higher, the whole machine perfo
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Functions and special feature

◇  电动式震动刀枪头,力量强劲,震动频率高,每分钟可达25000次。

Electric shock and head, strength, vibration frequency is high, up to 25000 times per minute.

◇  切割机传动系统采用进口齿轮、齿条,切割精度完全达到往返原点零误差。

Cutting machine transmission system adopts imported gear, rack, cutting precision to achieve zero error.

◇  采用日本三菱伺服电机,可由电脑随意控制振动刀和压轮的下刀深度。

Using Servo-motor from Mitsubishi, With computerized control.


◇  配置振动刀、拖刀,笔画工具以及可选配置半刀,铣刀,开槽刀,圆刀、压痕刀等多种刀具,可实现写字画线、虚线裁切、半断裁切、全断裁切、铣刀裁切、多种材料V-CUT开槽、开铣槽、大小压轮压痕、硬质材料刮痕等实用功能。

The configuration of vibration knife, drag knife strokes, tools and optional half knife, cutter, slotted knife, knife, cutter, indentation knife and other tools, can achieve the office of line drawing, cutting, cutting, dotted half cut off all the cutting and milling cutter cutting, various materials, V-CUT slot milling, pressing wheel, indentation size the utility function and so on scratch hard materials.

◇  全自动摄像定位功能:自动实现印刷材料的定位切割,无需手动定位即可切割出外形轮廓。

Fully automatic camera positioning function: automatic positioning and cutting of printed materials, without manual positioning can be cut out the outline.

◇  采用先进成熟的滚动式台面设计,平台宽幅可订制大小,理论裁切长度无限制,采用真空吸风设计,超劲风、强吸力(小样片吸附不再困难)。

The type of rolling table design advanced, platform width can be customized size, no limit theory of cutting length, by vacuum suction design, super wind, strong suction (sample sheet is no longer difficult).

◇  采用完全自主研发的上位机控制系统,即学即会的人性化操控界面,支持远程教学,远程维护,远程升级,让客户使用更省心。

The completely independent research and development of computer control system, namely the humanized operation interface, support for remote teaching, remote maintenance, remote upgrade, let the customer with more peace of mind.

◇  可连接任意CAD软件,广泛应用于广告印刷行业、制鞋行业、服饰行业、复合材料、箱包行业、汽车行业、电子行业、装饰行业、家具等行业之绘图与切割。

Any CAD software can be connected. It is widely used for plotting and cutting for the industries and sectors like garment, shoe making, cases, handbags, laser cutter molds plotting, lighting fixtures, advertising gifts, self-adhesive and color box packing.

◇  可选装料架及自动送料装置。

Optional charging rack and automatic feeding device.

Jindex Package & Box Cutting Machine Technical Parameters Standard Table
Technical Parameters/ModelJD-AS-1410CJD-AS-1813C  JD-AS-2516C
Operating Characteristic

Computer operation and machine cutting can be performed simultaneously, as well data transmission can be completed quickly and used continuously.

Cutting Speed

Up to 1500mm/s

Cutting Thickness


Cutting Material

It can cut 30mm or 60mm (optional) below honeycomb paperboard, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite materials, leather, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton and foam KT board, etc. material.

Number of Pens

8 different group of virtual strokes, half knife, full knife, pressure wheel setting, V knife, milling cutter cutting

Position Method

Infrared laser light or CCD positioning (optional)

Way for Fixing PaperVacuum adsorption

Cutting Accuracy


Repeat Accuracy


Cutting Circular Diameter

≧5mm diameter

Transmission Interface

Ethernet port

Format Compatible

AI software, Autocad, Coreldraw and all box design software can be directly output without conversion, with automatic optimization

Command System


CNC Panel

Liquid crystal display

Transmission Material

High precision Gear - Rack drive

Supply Voltage

AC 220V 380V ± 10%, 50HZ; Total Power 6kw;  Fuse Size 6A

Motor Type

Servo motor

Oscillation Knife Head

Oscillation Knife Head motor 22000 rpm

Cutting Area




Appearance Size





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