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Jindex multi-layer cutting machine Z-CUT series
Auto Cutter/Spreader
High-efficiency cutting head: 1. Up to 6000 rpm, 2. Up to 60mm cutting (after vacuum compression), 3. Greatly improving cutting efficiency, 4. Using micro-oil design to reduce oil pollution, 5. Compact cutting head Design, more beautiful and easy to maintain. Intelligent sharpening system: 1. It will not cause serrated damage to the cutter, 2. Extend the service time of the blade and reduce the cost, 3. It is easy to disassemble and replace, easy to learn and understand, 4. Choose different specifications of abrasive belts according to different fabrics, 5 .The knife sharpening efficiency is significantly improved compared with the non-abrasive belt sharpening structure. 6. It can be set to lift and sharpen the knife only at the corner to ensure the cutting quality.
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