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Company Profile

Shenzhen Jindex Stock Co., Limited is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of CAD/CAM equipment. It is one of the world's leading providers of non-metallic intelligent cutting equipment, dedicated to provide cutting integrated solutions for the non-metal industry.Jindex engages in the development, production, sales, export & import and related accessories of CAD/CAM software and hardware.

The company aims to improve the modernized enterprises with fast information flow for more than 10 non-metal industries such as textile and garment industry, automobile interior industry, advertising packaging industry and composite materials industry with pure intelligent information technology. Promote the adoption of advanced and practical CAD/CAM technology throughout the non-metal industry to accelerate product design, procurement, and production cycles while reducing the cost of these processes.

Jindex CAD/CAM can promote the entire international textile, garment design and production industry to a higher level. Hong Kong Jindex has always strived to establish an open high-tech entity as its main development goal.


Jindex's senior management staff has more than 10 years of experience in R&D, production and management in the textile and apparel industry. For a long time, Jindex brand clothing CAD/CAM has been striving to build a world-class design and production CAD/CAM platform for our target customers.Thanks to more and more customers for recognition, the reputation has gradually grown in the textile and garment industry. Hong Kong Jindex has developed more than 20 domestic and foreign agents and distributors in the global textile and garment industry. . In addition, Jindex's sales network provides professional services in more than 50 different countries and regions around the world, including global networks in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


Jindex is the flagship enterprise of textile and garment CAD/CAM system in Greater China. It is not only a Hong Kong company to be listed soon, but also a high-tech enterprise integrating software and hardware. With a global vision of providing CAD/CAM expert-level services and products based in China and Hong Kong, it is a leader in the intellectual program of the textile and apparel CAD/CAM information manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. The company aims to "respect talents, rely on technological innovation, and focus on customer demand." Hong Kong Jindex is constantly striving to improve and reform the informationization of the textile and apparel industries, and to create globally synchronized CAD technology innovations. The connotation of her own famous brand in the world is: artistically refined and meticulously tailored to satisfy every guest.


Shenzhen Jindex Stock CO., Limited is the industrial and commercial registered subsidiary of Hong Kong Jindex Industrial Co., Ltd. in the mainland for production, sales and after-sales service.


Your satisfaction ---is our greatest pursuit!

Corporate philosophy

Core value concept:Create products and services for society; create opportunities and spaces for individuals.

Development concept:Invest in technology-led equipment and plan implementation to contribute to social welfare, product and environmental obligations, economic prosperity and talent development;

To maximize the benefits and innovation of shareholders, identify, create and invest opportunities for sustainable value creation through timely investment, mergers and acquisitions.

Service concept:As a long-term supplier of value-added products, Jindex constantly meets the needs of customers with high quality and stable product quality, excellent manufacturing technology and excellent service.

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