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High Speed Inkjet Plotter JD-QQ Series
(Jindex Model Description: Due to export CE certification requirements, the model is the actual plot print size) (Jindex Head Note: The above 2 represents two-head, spraying machine for three or four head, both can be produced)
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Functions and Special Features

Jindex QQ fashion network inkjet plotter 6 features:


Features 1. Advanced & unique light indicating control panel, with function of ink alignment test/reset/stop printing/pause/continue/up & down, left & right to move, etc.

Features 2. Left emergency stop button + Beautiful strong and transparent tawny PC cover, both sides of the 3-dimensional design of the silver end cap and aluminum alloy solid frame. 

Features 3. Smarter printing software, one-click setting IP address, paper-saving combined printing, power-off continuous function and automatic queue printing.

Features 4. A PC computer realizes the control of multiple inkjet printers through routers, which is the first in China. Each machine can individually control to send different files for printing.

Features 5. Standard configuration double spray HP 45 nozzle, can be upgraded to four spray nozzles, printing speed of up to 200 square meters per hour.

Features 6. It can be directly connected, but also machine can be connected with a router to print.

Machine Parameter Description:


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