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Invitation: Jindex invite you to participate in the 2019 Fujian Jinjiang International Sewing Machinery Fair
2019-8-5 14:36:42

2019 Fujian Jinjiang International Sewing Machinery Fair

Time:08th-10th August 2019


Address:Fujian Jinjiang SM International Exhibition Center

Display machine:

1:Jindex Projecting Stripes & Plaids Cutting Master (Garment industry)

2:Jindex leather cutting robot (Shoes Industry)

Hot line: +86 18923737801(wechat)


Display machine:

1:Jindex Projecting Stripes & Plaids Cutting Master (Garment industry)

2:Jindex leather cutting robot (Shoes Industry)


Jindex carries two of the best-selling intelligent master products: Jindex’s matching gird & stripes inkjet cutting masters and Jindex camera leather inkjet cutting experts.We hope that having a deep communication with  customers and agents in all industry, bringing help and benefits to everyone is our goal.Jindex matching grid and strip inkjet printing and cutting master achieve

high definition visualization, automatic matching gird and stripes efficiently on the machine,it can be automatic printing ,punching, notch, cutting cloth and drawing after the super-nesting,it can improve high efficiency in work by 1 person complete 8 people's work. Jindex camera leather inkjet cutting expert only take one second to pick up the leather outline and defect in the reading area, then super nesting automatically ;and then automatically transfer to the cutting area fluorescent printing and cutting; They are the only advanced intelligent cutting machines with inkjet printing function in the world!


Shenzhen Jindex Stock Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Jindex - integrates garment textiles, shoe bags, leather, packaging and printing, advertising signs, composite fibers and home soft glass | car and boat interiors | gaskets | electronic screen film | Cutting intelligent cutting experts for flexible materials!

Your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!

Website: www.jindex.net 


Jindex Jindex intelligent cutting machine expert ----

Committed to computer CAD plate-making system, clothing equipment CAM research and development, production and sales of after-sales, etc. to help enterprises achieve automated production, covering the industry: clothing textile - home soft glass - shoe bag leather - car and boat interior | packaging printing - seal Gaskets - advertising signs - electronic screen film | composite fiber - cutting of flexible materials such as the aviation exhibition industry.

A city, An industry, A partner!

In the future, city partners will be all over the world!



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