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Packaging industry innovation is coming soon and the trend of green environmental protection!
2019-6-26 20:52:36

Recently, the country's largest logistics platform rookie network combined with China Post, "four links and one", including 32 Chinese and foreign express logistics companies launched a green commitment - by 2020, China will replace 50% of packaging materials, tank fillings Will be 100% degradable.

Yes, the success of e-commerce has driven the development of the express logistics industry, and it has made the meager corrugated paper become the most popular product. Corrugated cardboard made from corrugated cardboard is the most widely used paper packaging container. It is mostly used for transporting packaging. Its easy recycling and recycling is an ideal "green packaging" material. In fact, in the process of transport, many corrugated boxes will be wrapped with a thick layer of tape, plus a layer of plastic bags, which makes our logistics packaging not only rough, but also pollute the environment, integration and upgrade can not be delayed.

Technology needs to be improved

Existing packaging cartons have problems of complicated specifications, over-packaging, inadequate protection, poor user experience, and difficulty in recycling. In the face of these, we urgently need to introduce new materials, upgrade new technologies, and combine tradition and innovation to meet the courier logistics. Packaging needs.

Recently, the Rookie Green Alliance launched an environmentally-friendly carton called “A Tear”. This zippered case has no tape on the whole body and a cardboard box similar to the zipper on the top, which is peeled off. This simple thing is made of four layers of composite material, not only of excellent quality, but also recyclable.

Similarly, Shandong Province recently announced that it will gradually promote a special “degradable environmental protection packaging bag” for express delivery in the province to reduce the pollution caused by express delivery. It is reported that this special packaging bag uses a technology called "oxidative bio-degradation", which can convert traditional plastic into biodegradable environmentally friendly materials by adding oxidative-biodegradable additives to plastic products. At present, Shandong has “postal express logistics”, “Shandong Zhongtong” and “Shandong Guangtong Express” three express delivery companies are about to start using degradable green plastic packaging bags. As far as the end of 2016, all express delivery companies in Shandong Province will use degradable packaging bags.

Enterprises must innovate

In July 2016, Shanying Paper plans to invest RMB 50 million to establish Xiangheng Creative Packaging Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for enterprises. At the end of 2015, Shanying Paper said that it raised no more than 2 billion yuan and plans to invest 1.2 million tons of packaging paper projects in Zhejiang Haiyan Papermaking Base. In the first half of 2016, Shanying first set up an investment management company, and then set up a financial leasing company. The purpose is obvious, for the 1.2 million tons of packaging paper projects. The establishment of the creative packaging company this time is undoubtedly for the project, to open up the upstream and downstream, expand and integrate the business scope of the packaging and paper products industry chain.


As a leading large-scale integrated packaging and printing enterprise in China, Hexing Packaging has acquired the paper packaging business of China Paper in China and Southeast Asia by participating in the establishment of M&A funds. The acquisition will make up for the weakness of Hexing Packaging in North China and Northeast China, and increase the coverage of five cities including Dalian, Shenyang, Baoding, Hohhot and Shanghai to consolidate its leading position in China. At the same time, relying on Internet information technology to create a packaging industry supply chain cloud platform, dedicated to the service packaging industry chain suppliers, demanders and other related parties, help the company to transform to platform service providers (including industrial resource integration, supply chain services, etc. ).

In addition to the integration of domestic enterprises, foreign companies are not willing to show weakness. DSSMITH Group, the second largest corrugated box manufacturer in Europe, recently announced that it will set up Desma (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in the summer of 2016 to formally enter the Chinese market. “We are not only providing resources, but also the advanced packaging design concepts and compliance expertise of many world products.” It shows its ambitious.

The concentration of China's packaging industry, the integration of the industrial chain, the development of a complete set of intelligent packaging production line will become a major trend in the future. Environmental pressure, small businesses are overwhelmed, and the film "death" has provided a mature enterprise merger and acquisition integration conditions for large enterprises, and industry enterprises have broad space in mergers and acquisitions. We will continue to see projects continue to follow, we will wait and see.


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