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Jindex Fully Automatic Multi-layer Cutting Machine JDAC-07 Series
Cutting machine
Adopt advanced module technology, standardization and high stability. International advanced technology platform, high intelligence, high sensitivity, high anti-interference. In order to improve operability, intuitive touch technology is adopted. With the advanced image control software, users can f
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Functions and Special Features:

Garment fabric PU automatic intelligent computer cutting machine Automatic intelligent cutting system

Advantage analysis of automatic intelligent computer cutting machine:


The first advantage of fully automatic intelligent computer cutting machine--Reduce costs

1. Reduce labor;

  In recent years, domestic production costs have risen rapidly, resulting in lower corporate profits, and automation equipment can effectively reduce labor and become the first choice for enterprise upgrade and transformation.

2. Improve efficiency;

  The efficiency of automated equipment is an artificial geometric multiple. In the case of an ordinary cutting machine, the manual cutting speed is about 2-3 meters per minute, and the cutting machine is more than 10 meters in most cases. Moreover, the automatic cutting device can also eliminate the need for trimming again, and can also reduce the time during the sewing process, which reduces the sewing process and improves the production efficiency.

3. Reduce labor intensity;

  The automatic cutting and spreading system relies on equipment to operate, which frees labor and greatly reduces the labor intensity.

4. Reduce waste;

  Accurate layout can be achieved by equipment matching, which increases the utilization of fabrics and greatly reduces the waste of fabrics after manual errors.


The second advantage of fully automatic intelligent computer cutting machine--Quality improvement needs

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for clothing is also increasing, requiring novel design, comfortable personality and fabrics, and exquisite workmanship has become a common phenomenon, which leads to the improvement of production management requirements, otherwise it will be eliminated by the market.


1. Improve quality;

  Precise spreading, layout and cutting make the cutting precision of the front end of the production process greatly improved, which has the basis and premise for the production of a fine clothing.

2. For some specially designed cutting processes, the automatic cutting machine can effectively cope with it, and the manual is difficult to control and effectively grasp, thus improving the cutting quality.


The third advantage of fully automatic intelligent computer cutting machine--Management needs

1. Improve management level;

 Automated cutting machines naturally reduce the reliance on people when reducing labor, making it easier to manage cutting centers.

 2. It becomes easy for the cutting work itself;

 The precise calculation of the equipment, statistics and other functions, so that the cutting has a clear set of books to achieve a better analysis of the procurement and storage of the cloth.

 3. Beautify the production environment;

 The traditional cutting mode, cloth dust flying pollution, easy to cause flying debris pollution, resulting in defective products; the use of CNC cutting machine, the cloth generated by cutting through the special pipe to the outside, so that the cutting environment is clean and tidy.

 4. Enhance corporate image;

 The use of CNC cutting machine: in line with the world management level; unified, standardized production is the guarantee of quality, improve the image of production quality; clean, orderly cutting environment reduces the rate of defective products, enhances the image of production environment; product quality, delivery time The guarantee is the most concerned issue for each billing customer, the stable cooperative relationship, the intangible benefits to both parties, and the confidence of the billing customers.

 5. Improve safety;

 With manual cutting, workers are intensive, require a high concentration of attention, and frequent safety incidents. The CNC cutting machine cuts according to the discharge drawing, and it is not necessary to cut the worker's operation when cutting, so as to avoid work injury.

 Fully automatic intelligent computer cutting machine features:


 Adopt advanced module technology, standardization and high stability. International advanced technology platform, high intelligence, high sensitivity, high anti-interference. In order to improve operability, intuitive touch technology is adopted. With the advanced image control software, users can follow the instructions to complete production process operations easily and quickly.

 High-precision cutting, non-deformation, lint-free, high-efficiency, high-precision single-volume automatic cutting system, which can quickly produce customized production including high-end suits, high-end fashion and uniforms.

 Maximize user diversity requirements. The cutting function is matched with the upper and lower straight knife cutting, which realizes the cutting, picking and laying work at the same time, and ensures the cutting precision and speed, and has no cutting dead angle and continuous thread phenomenon.




  Automatic intelligent computer cutting machine features


  Fast - cutting speed is 4-6 times of traditional manual cutting speed, realizing fast material feeding, fast discharging, fast production, especially for small order quantity, many styles, delivery time

  Customers with short time have more advantages.


  Precise - cutting with upper and lower reciprocating straight knife, high precision, fast speed, the model safety distance can be accurate to 0.1-1mm, and continuous cutting, avoiding laser cutting on the leather

  Damage, but also avoid manual error of manual material cutting, more accurate discharge, ensure product quality


  Province - can increase the material usage rate by more than 5% on average, saving the direct cost of materials. Whether it is a leather manufacturing company or a non-leather manufacturing company, you can save considerable material costs throughout the year.

Fully automatic intelligent computer cutting machine function 

1. European design standard, stable structure, high cutting precision, suitable for cutting at any height within 7cm

2. Cutting speed is fast, the main knife motor speed is up to 6800r/min, the maximum cutting speed can reach 60m/min

3. Straight knife vibration cutting, no pollution to materials, suitable for all kinds of soft materials 

4. Strong compatibility, easy to read a variety of crop file formats, easy to enter and exchange documents

5. According to segmental adsorption and segmentation cutting, to achieve cutting, picking, and laying materials at the same time, simple operation panel, convenient for ordinary employees to operate

6. Exclusive vacuum adsorption mute technology to create a quiet and comfortable working environment

Fully Automatic Multi-layer Cutting JDAC-07 Series Parameter Standard Table

Technical Information/Model




Operation Properties

Computer operation and cutting machines can be used    simultaneously for quick data transmission capable of continuous operations

Cutting Speed


Cutting Thickness


Cut Materials

Fabric, PU material

Cropping Pattern

Cutting tool up and down



Gas flow


supply voltage


Cutting Area




Overall Dimension





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