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Jindex Intelligent Oscillating Cutting Machine FLY Series
Cutting machine
High-grade clothing fabrics (suit cloth, high-grade shirts, morning and evening dresses, etc.) are accurately and quickly cut after folding. The double-beam double heads are cut at the same time, the efficiency is twice as fast as that of the single machine head, the floor space is small, and the us
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High-End Costume AI Intelligent Cutting Robot

Fine and smooth cutting selvage,

Whether it's romantic lace or light chiffon...

Artistic cutting effect, robotic cutting accuracy,

The speed of cutting work is as fast as a sports car.

All this is not fantasy,

It is a beautiful experience created by the Jinde Flyer Cutting Robot.

Make your advanced custom cuts more than five times efficient and precise.

Allowing you to put it down, this is the best era of haute couture,

Yes, this two-headed FLYER cutting robot,

Bring smart projection positioning, smart brain and strong body

See him flying around the world to cut...

Isn't that the right choice for you right now?

Cutting cloth type: high-grade suit, shirt, underwear, bra, etc., using ultra-long cutting table top, cutting the folded fabric, and covering the film with two layers at a time.

Machine Model:JD-FLY2-6009S; JD-FLY2-12009S;


1. High-grade clothing fabrics (suit fabrics, high-grade shirts, morning and evening dresses, etc.) are accurately and quickly cut after folding. The double-beam double heads are cut at the same time, the efficiency is twice as fast as that of the single machine head, the floor space is small, the use of labor is small, equivalent to one person can operate two cutting machines, the error is less than 0.1MM and can guarantee more than five times faster than the manual efficiency.

2. The gear-driven high-speed round knife upgraded on the basis of the 2016 model is reliable and stable, without any belts, ensuring high-strength cutting for one year, and can also be replaced by a vibrating sharp knife,as well standarded with cut-and-cut punching module!

3. Jindex self-development that an industrial control board controls the exclusive function of two cutting beams and two cutter heads for intelligent high-speed cutting,Each beam and cutter head speed reaches 1 meter per second while the built-in line cutting automatic distribution/automatic avoidance function ensures efficient cutting and won't hit machine head.

4. Intelligent cutting robot automatic distribution software and intelligent chemical control board with editing and discharging function, which allows you to divide a file into two parts and assign it to a beam cutting (CISMA's only competitor, Ruizhou is currently In this way, you only need to quickly output a 6-meter or 12-meter complete file at a time, and the robot will automatically assign it to the two cutting beams for intelligent cutting or waiting until the cutting is completed, and the cutting efficiency is faster 30 %.

5. With 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, it can perfectly match various domestic and foreign clothing CAD software, and can read PLT\DXF and other file formats with super compatibility.

6. The whole machine is simple and easy to learn, such as intelligent LCD control screen, real-time display of cutting trajectory, standard installation of double-volume, one loaded with fabric, and another with plastic film or paper roll, only half a day of study and training can get started.

7. The full-format intelligent high-definition mirror projector can completely project the function of the discharge map to the cutting area. It can accurately display the position and content of the cut pattern and the marker map in real time. Before cutting, check the marker and the actual cloth in real time. The precise alignment of the fabric lines and the fabric edges ensures that the expensive fabrics, linings, etc. are tailored to the order.

8. Can connect USB and intelligent network port LAN PORT connected to the computer for control, you can also achieve "U disk" to open the file for saving and cutting, up to 128 "offline files" can be saved for cutting.

9. Double-beam double head adopts vectorized spline curve to optimize cutting mode, which can ensure high-speed cutting, smooth and smooth cutting, and cutting different curvatures to ensure accuracy.

10. Use of high strength helical gear rack precision linear guide, good rigidity, high precision and low noise, high-pressure pure digital servo-controlled motor and drive system to ensure accurate and high-speed cutting.

11. A large-flow vacuum adsorption device with built-in powerful inverter control, delay start does not affect the power supply. Can be customized for partition adsorption, standard with 8 automatic partition cutting, and equipped with speaker and silencer, even in the quiet office building is no problem. 

12. Other combination function modules can be selected, such as four-jet inkjet printing module, combined vibration knife module, or more punching holes and custom-shaped punching modules. Please refer to our knife head configuration table for details.

High-End Costume AI Intelligent Cutting Robot Technical Parameters Standard Table

Technical Parameters/Model





Operating Characteristic

Computer operation and machine cutting can be performed simultaneously, as well data transmission can be completed quickly and used continuously.

Cutting Speed

Up to 1500mm/s

Cutting Thickness


Cutting Material

It can cut up to 8mm knitted, woven, non-woven fabrics, high-grade clothing fabrics (suit fabrics, high-grade shirts, morning and evening dresses, etc.), PU, PU quilted and other materials.

Number of beams



Cutting Accuracy

Infrared laser light or CCD positioning (optional)

Way for Fixing Paper

Vacuum partition adsorption

Vacuum Pump Power

Double 9KW Air Pump

Transmission Interface

Ethernet port

Command System

HP-GL, GP-GL and IPP-G1 compatible formats

Transmission Material

High-strength,high-precision helical gear racks and linear guides

Cutting Function Head

The motor has a vibrating cutter head of 20,000 revolutions per minute and a high-speed round knife driven by a gear. It can be equipped with a punching and cutting hole and a round hole function head.

Cutting Accuracy


Format Compatible

AI software, Autocad, Coreldraw and all box design software can be directly output without conversion, with automatic optimization

Operating System

Jindex self-development control cutter double-beam control system

Use Environment

Temperature: 5 ° C - 40 ° C (when the ambient temperature exceeds 35 ° C) Humidity:<60%

Motor Type

All imported Mitsubishi servo motor

Voltage and Power

AC 220V 380V, Total power 7.5KW

Cutting Area





Appearance Size






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